The Ultimate List of the Top 115+ Game of Thrones Dog Names – Female and Direwolf Puppy Name Ideas

By now, you’ve probably been living under a rock if you haven’t heard of the Game of Thrones TV series that was on HBO for several years.  This fantasy show includes many unique names that may just be perfect for your furry little friend.

First things first – this TV series was actually a book first.  George R.R. Martin is the author of A Song of Ice and Fire, which is a series of fantasy novels.  The first in that series is A Game of Thrones which was published in 1996.  From there he went on to publish 4 more of the planned 7 in the series. (

Games of Thrones Inspired Dog Names

Being such a popular series and having such a large following, naming your dog after one of the characters seems like a no-brainer.  

The characters in A Game of Thrones belong to one of the nine noble family houses of Westeros.  As there are many characters and it could get confusing to find a great name, we’ve broken it down by House along with a brief summary of what each person is known for.

House Stark Dog Names

  • Arya (a rough and tumble tomboy)
  • Benjen (First Ranger of the Night’s Watch)
  • Bran (gave up his claim to Winterfell after becoming the Three-Eyed Raven)
  • Catelyn (Ned’s wife)
  • Lyanna (mother to Jon Snow)
  • Ned (Patriarch, the Lord of Winterfell.  Also known as Eddard.)
  • Rickard (former head of the family)
  • Sansa (Ned’s oldest daughter, has ambitions to become Queen)

House Targaryen Dog Names

  • Aerys (former King of the Seven Kingdoms)
  • Daenerys (Queen of the House, also called the Mother of Dragons.  She also goes by Dany.)
  • Rhaegar (former heir that was slain in battle)

House Lannister Dog Names 

  • Cersei (Queen, Protector of the Realm and Light of the West)
  • Tyrion (called the Imp and half man
  • Tywin (Patriarch, Warden of the West)

House Baratheon Dog Names

  • Renly (the Lord of Storm’s End)
  • Stannis (Lord of Dragonstone)

House Greyjoy Dog Names

  • Balon (Patriarch, Lord of the Iron Islands)
  • Theon (heir apparent to the Iron Islands)

House Arryn Dog Names

  • Jasper (former head of the family)
  • Lysa (Lady Regent of the Eyrie)

House Martell Dog Names

  • Doran (Patriarch, Prince of Dorne)
  • Nymeria (Oberyn’s illegitimate daughter)
  • Oberyn (the Red Viper)

House Tully Dog Names

  • Edmure (the heir apparent to Riverrun)
  • Hoster (Patriarch, Lord of Riverrun)
  • Minisa (wife of Hoster)

House Tyrell Dog Names

  • Alerie (wife of Mace)
  • Luthor (Lord of Highgarden)
  • Mace (former head of the family)
  • Olenna (named the Queen of Thorns)

Direwolf Names

In A Game of Thrones, direwolves are a large and very intelligent species of wolf.  If you have a dog that resembles a wolf, such as a Husky or Malamute, then these names may be perfect for your pooch!  Even if you have a little Chihuahua, these names still can work for you.

  • Ghost (Adopted by Jon Snow.  One of the only surviving direwolves.)  
  • Grey Wind (Adopted by Robb Stark.  Is known as a fierce war dog.) If you have a grey dog, this might work for you.
  • Lady (Adopted by Sansa.  She was put down after a bite attack.) Fabulous name for a poodle!
  • Nymeria (Adopted by Arya.  She leads a pack in the Riverlands.)
  • Shaggydog (Adopted by Rickon Stark.  Distinguished from the others due to its black fur.) It would obviously be a great choice for a dog with long, unkempt hair.
  • Summer (Adopted by Bran Stark.  Accompanies Bran to the cave of the Three-Eyed Raven.) Dogs with a gold or red coat could pull this name off!

Dogs Used in Game of Thrones

Although using real wolves for filming the HBO series may sound like a pretty cool idea, it wasn’t allowed due to UK law.  The production team went back to the drawing board and found the next best thing – Northern Intuit Dogs. (

These dogs were bred to be able to work long hours yet still be a family pet.  Wolves were mated with breeds like Siberian Huskies, Malamutes, and even German Shepherds to attain the wolf-like appearance and work ethic.

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Game of Thrones Dog Names

As any GOT fan knows, there are plenty of characters and names to choose from.  It may be hard to choose just one for your new dog. Check out this list of names broken down by gender and see if any fit your best pal!

Female Game of Thrones Dog Names

  • Brienne (A strong lady on the show, known to keep her promise.  Brienne means strong in Celtic.)
  • Ellaria (Means beautiful in Arabic) Perfect for that regal breed in your life.
  • Gilly (Sweet and cute name or nickname.) It would go great for a tiny dog with a loving personality!
  • Khaleesi (Another name that Daenerys goes by.  The name means Queen.)
  • Meera (Seen as a very loyal lady on the show, the name has Indian roots.) Great choice for your loyal sidekick.
  • Melisandre (A red priestess) Works great for dogs that have a red undertone, like Irish Setters.
  • Missandei (A slave that serves as an interpreter)
  • Myrcella (A daughter born to Cersei and Jaime)
  • Shae (A pretty name but maybe not the best one if based on the character in the show.  Shae was a prostitute that was eventually killed by her lover.)
  • Yara (A claimant to the throne of the Kingdom of the Iron Islands)
  • Ygritte (A courageous and loyal woman)

Male Game of Thrones Dog Names

  • Aemon (Known for being just and honorable) Do you have a sweet dog that listens and is lovely to everyone?  This may be a good choice!
  • Bronn (A skilled swordsman)
  • Daario (The Regent of the Bay of Dragons)
  • Davos (An honorable servant) Great for your loyal sidekick!
  • Drogo (Known as Khal Drogo, he was a chieftain of the Dothraki people)
  • Gendry (A skilled blacksmith)
  • Grey Worm (The chosen commander of the warrior eunuchs)
  • Hodor (A beloved character on the show.  His real name is Wylis however, he says nothing except the word hodor.)
  • Jaime (The Knight of the Kingsguard)
  • Joffrey (Although the name means peaceful pledge, he was anything but peaceful in the series.  Known to be a cruel and wicked king.) If your pup is a bit mischievous this could be a good name.
  • Jorah (An exiled knight that protects Daenerys)
  • Mormont (One of the Houses of Bear Island) Do you have a big dog that could be mistaken for a bear?  Try this name.
  • Podrick (A squire of Tyrion Lannister)
  • Roose (Lord of the Dreadfort and head of the House Bolton)
  • Samwell (Smart, wise and kind Sam was a steward in the Night’s Watch) If you have a very clever dog, this may be the name for you!
  • Sandor (Nicknamed the Hound, he was a personal bodyguard) Obviously, a perfect name for Hound Dogs!
  • Tommen (A confused, torn king)
  • Tormund (A strong and brave boy that was a rider and in Mance’s army) Do you have a guard dog?  Or a big dog? This would be perfect!
  • Varys (Also called the Spider.  He is a eunuch.)
  • Viserys (He sought the Iron Throne)

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Game of Thrones Pet Names

The dragons in A Game of Thrones are an integral part of the show.  One of their names might make a unique name for your puppy.

  • Rhaegal (Green and bronze-colored scales.  Named after Daenerys’ oldest brother.)
  • Viserion (Resurrected as an ice dragon, he is known for his cream and gold colored scales)
  • Drogon (The most dangerous of the dragons, he has red and black colors)

Other Unique Name Ideas

  • Krakens (Giant cephalopods) Would make a unique name for your dog!
  • Manticore (a deadly bug) Could make for an interesting name for a small dog.
  • Westeros (one of the four known continents)
  • Volantis (One of the Free Cities located in Westeros)
  • Bhorash (A ruined city in Essos)
  • Hellholt (A castle in Dorne)  Perfect name for a watchdog!
  • Lorath (A free city located to the east of Westeros)
  • Starfall (A castle located in Dorne)
  • Oros (A ruined city in the Valyrian Peninsula)
  • Pennytree (A settlement in the Riverlands) A sweet name for the little girl dog in your life!
  • Tarth (An island in the Narrow Sea)
  • Rosby (A settlement in the Crownlands) A strong name for a studly dog.
  • Sheelba (Known as Sheelba Square where plays were hosted)
  • Wolfswood (A forest in the North.)  Great for dogs that look like wolves!
  • Yaros (A small island in Slaver’s Bay)
  • Tyria (A former city of the Valyrian Freehold)
  • Qohor (One of the nine Free Cities in Essos)
  • Ashford (A settlement in the Reach)

The Perfect Pick

Dog owners that are fans of Game of Thrones should have no problems picking out several monikers for their furry friends.  These inspired names will be clever and unique, just like your pooch.

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