The ultimate list of Dog Names (By Category)

When you adopt a new dog, one of your first steps should be to select a suitable name. Of course, this is often much harder said than done. 

There are so many names out there, it can be difficult to select just the right one for your pooch. Luckily, we have plenty of dog names separated by breed, appearance, and gender.

Male and Female dog names

Dog Names By Gender

Breaking names down by gender is the easiest way to find a fitting name for your pooch. 

These lists are often the best option to start with, especially if you’re looking for some inspiration.

Dog breed names

By Breed...

If you have a purebred dog, you may want to consider going to one of our breed-specific lists. 

Breeds tend to share personality and appearance traits, making it easy to find a suitable name for your pooch.

fun dog names

Fun Dog Name Categories...

Of course, naming your dog does not have to be a serious occasion. There are many names based on fun categories that are perfect fits for some dogs. 

Check out some of these lists for names that don’t exactly fit in any other category.

colorful dog names

Dog names By Color...

Dogs come in all sorts of colors – from white to brown to black to almost red. For dogs with more unique colors, naming them after their coat pattern can be very fitting. 

These lists of names will help you choose a name based on your dog’s color.

dog names by country

By Country...

An easy way to find a unique name is to choose a name from a different country or language. 

We’ve written lists on dog names in all sorts of different languages, so choose which everyone you’re most interested in. 

Are you looking for something else?

Perhaps you aren’t looking for other dog names at all?

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