Ultimate List of the Top 200+ Native American Dog Names – Cute and Popular Puppy Name Ideas

Ultimate List of the Top 200+ Native American Dog Names – Cute and Popular Puppy Name Ideas

Native Americans had a complex relationship with dogs and relied on them as hunters, haulers, protectors, and general companions.  With that in mind, it’s no wonder that dog names with a Native American background are so popular. This list is sure to provide the perfect name for your new addition.

Choosing your pup’s name based on the Native American culture will no doubt prove to be a home run.  However, it’s a good idea to also learn the meaning behind that name and the indigenous tribe it belongs to.  Some of these names may be familiar to you as it’s likely you’ve heard them before. The following popular names will be broken down by tribe and include the meaning, if possible.   

Cherokee Dog Names

  • Cherokee (tribe name)
  • Sequoia (redwood tree)
  • Leotie (prairie flower)
  • Diwali (bowl)
  • Dakota (friend)
  • Atohi (woods)
  • Chea (red bird)
  • Ama (water)
  • Inola (black fox)
  • Kanuna (bullfrog)
  • Yona (bear)
  • Gola (winter)

Navajo Dog Names

  • Kai (willow tree)
  • Chooli (mountain)
  • Doli (blue bird)
  • Sani (old one)
  • Tahoma (water’s edge)
  • Hastiin (man)
  • Shadi (older sister)
  • Yas (snow)
  • Yazhi (little one)
  • Manaba (return to war)
  • Mosi (cat)
  • Dibe (sheep)

Sioux Dog Names

  • Hotah (strong)
  • Lootah (flint)
  • Mato (bear)
  • Takoda (friend to everyone)
  • Shappa (red thunder)
  • Winona (giving)
  • Weeko (pretty)
  • Onida (one searched for)
  • Maka (earth)
  • Kohana (swift)
  • Chumani (dew drops)
  • Skah (white)

These dog names are a good start when you’re on a quest to hunt down the perfect moniker.  While a Native American name will surely be unique, try it out loud first to make sure it fits.   

Native American Male Dog Names

Looking for the perfect boy dog name?  This list will have you covered. Whether you’re looking for something strong, cute or noble, you’ll be sure to find it here. 

  • Alo (spiritual guide)
  • Ahote (restless one)
  • Arawak (spirit)
  • Awan (somebody)
  • Chesmu (grainy)
  • Chua (snake)
  • Desna (boss)
  • Elan (friendly)
  • Etu (sun)
  • Hakan (emperor)
  • Helki (touch)
  • Hento (blue)
  • Hinto (blue hair)
  • Howi (turtle dove)
  • Huslu (shaggy bear)
  • Istu (sugar)
  • Jacy (healer)
  • Kenesaw (grass)
  • Kitchi (brave)
  • Koko (night)
  • Len (brave lion)Manco (foundation)
  • Moki (deer)
  • Nantan (chief)
  • Paco (eagle)
  • Peta (golden eagle)
  • Shilah (brother)
  • Suki (black)
  • Tadi (wind)
  • Viho (chief)

Native American Female Dog Names

 Provided below is an array of female names sure to pique your interest.  These names reflect a strong and proud culture and would be perfect for your female pup.

  • Adila (blossom)
  • Aponi (butterfly)
  • Aylen (happiness)
  • Bly (tall)
  • Chenoa (dove)
  • Cheyenne (red speak)
  • Cocheta (stranger)
  • Dena (slender)
  • Denali (great one)
  • Enola (solitary)
  • Fala (crow)
  • Flo (arrow)
  • Halona (from wealth)
  • Henna (red)
  • Hinto (having deep blue eyes)
  • Itzel (rainbow)
  • Kangee (raven)
  • Kaya (pure)
  • Koa (bold)
  • Mona (noble one)
  • Muna (hope)
  • Nayeli (I love you)
  • Nova (food)
  • Poloma (bow)
  • Tallulah (running water)
  • Tama (thunder)
  • Tula (peak/new moon)
  • Utah (people of the mountain)
  • Wigwam (a dwelling)
  • Yoki (rain)

Native American Wolf Names

 Does your dog look like a wolf?  Maybe he has some wolf traits? Whatever the reason, picking a Native American wolf name for your K9 pal will be unique and perfectly fitting. 

According to Pet Guide, Native Americans were thought to have bred dogs belonging to foreign settlers with coyotes giving them a wolf-like appearance.  These dogs were bred with different jobs in mind; anything from protection to hunting. 

If that sounds like your dog, then check out these names! 

  • Waya (Cherokee for wolf)
  • Tutanka (big beast)
  • Apisi (Blackfoot coyote)
  • Amarog (Inuit for wolf)
  • Honi (Arapaho for wolf)
  • Maikoh (Navajo for wolf)
  • Maiyun (Cheyenne for wolf)
  • Teme (Lenape for wolf)
  • Maheegan (Algonquin for wolf)
  • Kiyaya (howling wolf)
  • Honiahaka (Cheyenne for little wolf)
  • Hemene (Nez Perce for wolf)

Strong Native Dog Names

Maybe your pup doesn’t exactly look like a wolf but exhibits the traits of one – strength, intelligence, and loyalty.  If that sounds like your dog, these strong-willed names might be for you.

  • Eyota (great)
  • Yansa (buffalo)
  • Miwak (growl of a bear)
  • Nina (strong)
  • Kuruk (bear)
  • Micco (chief)
  • Tocho (mountain lion)
  • Taima (thunder)
  • Akecheta (fighter)
  • Maska (strong)
  • Menewa (great warrior)
  • Bidziil (strong man)

Famous Indian Dog Names

Throughout history, there have been many famous Native Americans.  They’re seen as leaders; strong, decisive and heroic. Their names may be familiar to you and after reviewing them you may just find that one of them is suitable for your furry friend. 

  • Cochise
  • Pocahontas
  • Squanto
  • Geronimo
  • Sacagawea
  • Pontiac
  • Tecumseh
  • Hiawatha
  • Gall
  • Tatonka
  • Wovoka
  • Shingas

Tribal Dog Names

There are a variety of Native American tribes that resided within North America at one time or the other.  According to Britannica, the tribe names we know today usually originated from their rivals, namely the European settlers. 

 A list of such tribal names is given below.  One of these may be an appealing dog name. 

  • Apache
  • Iroquois
  • Pawnee
  • Eskimo
  • Comanche
  • Cree
  • Ojibwa
  • Mohawk
  • Seminole
  • Mohican
  • Hopi
  • Shawnee
  • Chippewa
  • Kiowa
  • Lenape
  • Cayuga
  • Oneida
  • Pueblo

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Native American Indian Dog Names Inspired by Culture

When you think of Native American culture, the first thing that might come to mind is pictures of how they dressed or lived in the past.  These cultural depictions that are rooted in Native American tradition and history may inspire some unique name choices. 

  • Harpoon
  •  Maize
  •  Toboggan
  •  Wickiup
  •  Tepee
  •  Kachina
  •  Moccasin
  •  Poncho
  •  Copper
  •  Feather
  •  Coral
  •  Igloo
  •  Totem
  •  Weaver
  •  Spiri

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American Indian Names for Dogs

If you still haven’t found the perfect name for your pet – keep reading!  Did you know that many Native American names come from nature?  

If you have a black dog then a name like Koko (night) may fit.  Maybe your dog is pretty calm and quiet. If that’s the case then a name like Shysie (silent little one) might work. Check out the list below where you’ll be sure to find the name that perfectly fits your pet and his personality.

  • Shenandoah (beautiful daughter of the stars)
  • Mansi (plucked flower)
  • Minnehaha (laughing water)
  • Simi (valley of the wind)
  • Achak (spirit)
  • Alameda (grove of cottonwood)
  • Chogan (blackbird)
  • Hosa (small crow)
  • Kajika (walks without sound)
  • Kosumi (fishes for salmon with spear)
  • Luyu (wild dove)
  • Nadie (wise)
  • Nastas (curve like foxtail grass)
  • Neenah (running water)
  • Sitala (one who remembers)
  • Tullis (mountain peak)
  • Viktor (chief)
  • Anakin (soldier)
  • Donoma (seeing the sun)
  • Naira (woman with big eyes)
  • Nuka (my younger brother or sister)
  • Shasta (tribe name)
  • Tucson (a spring from the base of a mountain)
  • Chitto (brave)
  • Hototo (warrior spirit who sings)
  • Jolon (valley of the dead oaks)
  • Kotori (screech owl spirit)
  • Miakoda (power of the moon)
  • Nitika (angel of precious stone)
  • Wapi (lucky)
  • Wikasa (sage)
  • Wuyi (soaring turkey vulture)
  • Yuma (son of the chief)
  • Yancy (yankee)
  • Abornazine (keeper of the flame)
  • Chaska (name given to firstborn son)
  • Eyanosa (big both ways)
  • Hesutu (yellow jackets nest rising out of the ground)
  • Honani (badger)
  • Leyti (shaped like an abalone shell)
  • Shysie (silent little one)
  • Taborri (voices that carry)
  • Akikta (determined and will never give up)
  • Kwanita (God is gracious)
  • Ayita (the first person to dance)
  • Chas Chunka (wave)
  • Feo (true-hearted)
  • Keme (secret thunder)
  • Kasa (dressed in fur)
  • Kahuna (held in high esteem)
  • Akando (rich, powerful and wealthy)
  • Piapot (a person who knows the Sioux secret)
  • Shaman (a tribal holy man or medicine man)
  • Dyani (fast and clever like a deer)
  • Saloso (cry of the wild goose)
  • Axe (father of peace)
  • Atim (dog)

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 Your Turn! Time to Name Your Pup

Bringing your new dog home is an exciting experience but it’s made even better if you have the perfect name.  Hopefully, this comprehensive list of Native American dog names gave you some inspiration on what to name your new family member.


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