Ultimate List of the Top 300+ Spanish Dog Names – Funny, Cool, Popular, Hispanic Puppy Name Ideas

Whether you’re looking to show off your heritage or find the perfect name for your Spanish dog, this ultimate list of Spanish dog names provides plenty of options for you to choose from. 

Choose one of these Spanish names for an extra-fitting name for your Spanish dog breeds. There are quite a few dog breeds from Mexico, Spain, and other Spanish-speaking countries, but the most popular ones are the Chihuahua, Spanish Mastiff, Great Pyrenees, and Catalan Sheepdog.

Even if your dog doesn’t belong to one of these breeds, a Spanish name can still be appropriate. Many of these Spanish names are very romantic and unique, making them the perfect option for pet owners looking to stand out. 

Spanish Boy Names

There are literally hundreds of options available in Spanish for boy dogs, making it nearly impossible to sort through them all! Here were some of our favorite options for Spanish boy names:

  • Aaron: “light-bringer”
  • Abelardo: “noble strength”
  • Abraam: “father of a multitude”
  • Adalberto: “bright nobility”
  • Adan: meaning “earth” and “red”
  • Bajardo: “bay color”
  • Baldomero: “bold” and “brave
  • Balduino: “brave friend”
  • Benedicto: “blessed”
  • Benito: “blessed”
  • Bolivar: “meadow mill”
  • Camilo: “attendant for a temple”
  • Carlito: “little Carlos”
  • Carmelo: “garden-land”
  • Casimiro: “commands peace”
  • Cayetano: “from Italy”; the perfect name for an Italian dog breed
  • Cleto: “called back”
  • Climaco: “ladder”
  • Conrado: “bold counsel”
  • Desi: “longing”
  • Diego: “teaching”
  • Edmundo: “protector of prosperity”
  • Eloy: “to choose”
  • Elpidio: “hope”
  • Fausto: “lucky”
  • Federico: “peaceful ruler”
  • Gaspar: “treasure bearer”
  • Gervasi: “spear servant”
  • Goyo: “watchful”
  • Graciano: “pleasing”
  • Gregorio: “vigilant”
  • Gualtiero: “ruler of the army”
  • Jaime: “supplanter”
  • Javier: “new house”
  • Jenaro: “January”
  • Leon: “lion”
  • Lino: “a cry of grief” and “flax”
  • Manuel: “God is with us”
  • Marcelino: “defense” and “sea”
  • Marcial: “of mars” (as in the Roman deity, not the planet)
  • Marcio: “defense” and “of the sea”
  • Novio: “boyfriend”
  • Ovidio: “sheepherder”; a great name for a herding dog
  • Pablo: “small”
  • Paco: “French”

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Spanish Girl Names

When it comes to choosing a Spanish name for your girl dog, you have nearly unlimited options. We’ve narrowed down the field a little bit with this list of our favorite names: 

  • Aella: “bee”
  • Adalina: “little noble”
  • Adora: “adoration”
  • Agata: “good”
  • Alba: “dawn”
  • Ana: “favor”
  • Benita: “blessed”
  • Camila: “attendant of the temple”
  • Cande: “candle”
  • Celestina: “heavenly”
  • Celia: “heaven”
  • Cenobia: “life of Zeus”
  • Charo: “rosary”
  • Dulce: “sweet”
  • Elena: “torch”
  • Elicia: “noble sort”
  • Elmira: “nobly famous”
  • Elodia: “foreign wealth”
  • Gabriela: “warrior of god”
  • Genoveva: “race of women”
  • Gertrudis: “spear strength”
  • Gilberta: “pledge-bright”
  • Gracia: “pleasing” 
  • Leonor: “foreign”
  • Leta: “winged”
  • Leticia: “happiness”
  • Lito: “sorrows”
  • Loida: “agreeable”
  • Lola: “sorrows”
  • Lupe: “wolf”
  • Lupita: “little wolf”
  • Odalis: “wealthy”
  • Olalla: “well-spoken”; consider this name if you have a noisy dog!
  • Peppi: “everlasting”
  • Pia: “pious”
  • Reyna: “queen”
  • Ria: “small river”
  • Ricarda: “powerful ruler”
  • Salud: “health”
  • Sancha: “holy”
  • Sara: “princess”
  • Susana: “lily”
  • Tecla: “glory of God”
  • Tere: “harvester”
  • Teresa: “harvester”
  • Tonia: “invaluable”
  • Trini: “trinity”
  • Valencia: “power”
  • Veronica: “bringer of victory”
  • Violenta: “violet flower”
  • Xenia: “well-born”
  • Ximena: “hearkening”
  • Yazmin: “jasmine flower”
  • Yesenia: a type of palm tree in South America
  • Yasabel: “God is my Oath”
  • Zartina: “princess”
  • Zenaida: “daughter of Zeus”

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Cool Spanish Names

Here are some names on the cool side. While the exact definition of the word “cool” shifts from person to person, we hope that some of these names will be suitable for your laid-back canine:

  • Adolpho: “noble wolf”
  • Alano: “rock”
  • Alejo: “defender”
  • Alejander: “defender of mankind”
  • Alfonso: “noble and ready”
  • Alondra: “defender of mankind” and “lark”
  • Alvaro: “guard of all”
  • Amadis: “love of God”
  • Amidio: “demigod”
  • Amparo: “shield”
  • Anselmo: “divine helmet”
  • Anita: “favor” and “grace”
  • Basilio: “king”
  • Beltran: “bright raven”
  • Cayo: “lord”
  • Cesar: “severed”
  • Che: “hey”
  • Damian: “to subdue”
  • Demetrio: “loves the earth”
  • Eladio: “of Greece”
  • Eleuterio: “the liberator”
  • Emiliano: “rival”
  • Fermin: “firm”
  • Fernan: “ardent for peace”
  • Fons: “noble and ready”
  • Gil: “shield (of goatskin)”
  • Goito: “watchful”
  • Gonzalo: “war elf”
  • Guillermo: “will-helmet”
  • Ramon: “wise protector”
  • Raul: “wise wolf”
  • Regulo: “ruler”
  • Reyes: “kings”
  • Ruy: “famous power”
  • Sandalio: “true wolf”
  • Saturnino: “to sow”
  • Sergio: “sergeant”
  • Severiano: “stern”
  • Silvestre: “from the forest”
  • Tadeo: “courageous”
  • Tito: “fire” and “straining”
  • Tristan: “riot”
  • Ulises: “to be angry”
  • Urbano: “of the city”
  • Velasco: “crow”
  • Vidal: “of life”
  • Vicente: “conquering”
  • Victor: “conqueror”
  • Vito: “life”
  • Ximen: “hearkening”

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If you want a Spanish name that is recognizable, it is your best bet to choose one that is more popular. These names are some of the most popular Spanish dog names that are widely known throughout the English-speaking world:

  • Abril: “April”
  • Adan: Spanish version of Adam
  • Alegra: “joy”
  • Alma: “soul”
  • Amar: to love”
  • Amor: “love”
  • Amigo: “friend”
  • Bebe: “baby”
  • Bella: “beautiful”
  • Benito: “Benedict”
  • Bolero: “Spanish dance”
  • Bonita: “cute”
  • Chico: “boy”
  • Dahlia: Spanish version of Dalia
  • Dulce: “sweet”
  • Eva: Spanish version of Eve
  • Fiesta: “party”
  • Flor: “flower”
  • Ines: Spanish version of Agnes
  • Felipe: Spanish version of Philip
  • Guey: “dude”
  • Luna: “moon”
  • Luz: “light”
  • Meriposa: “butterfly”
  • Maya: as in the Mayan civilization
  • Mona: “monkey”
  • Nino: “boy”
  • Oso: “bear”
  • Padre: “father”
  • Pancho: nickname for Francisco
  • Nina: “child”
  • Palmoa: “dove”
  • Pina: “pineapple”
  • Rosa: “Rose”
  • Sierra: “mountains”
  • Tierra: “earth”
  • Vide: “life”
  • Poco: “little”
  • Rico: “rich”
  • Rio: “river:
  • Rojo: “red”
  • Santo: “holy”
  • Sol: “sun”
  • Tigre: “tiger”
  • Toro: “bull”
  • Zorro: “fox”

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Puerto Rican Dog Names

While Puerto Rican is a United States territory, Spanish is by far the dominant language. Furthermore, Puerto Rican Spanish is unique thanks to years of independent development and close contact with English speakers. Because there is a divide between Puerto Rican Spanish and other Spanish variants, we made a separate list for Puerto Rican dog names:

  • Abran: “exalted father”
  • Adolfo: “noble wolf”
  • Benigno: “blessed”
  • Braulio: a German name that is surprisingly popular in Puerto Rico, meaning “shining”
  • Cordero: “lamb”
  • Estephan: “crowned in victory”
  • Ezequiel: “God’s strength”
  • Garcia: “mighty with a spear”
  • Hayden: “hedged valley”
  • Hernan: “peace”
  • Humberto: “bright support”
  • Jadzia: a variant of Jade
  • Jorge: Puerto Rican variant of the name George
  • Jose: “may God increase”
  • Leonidas: meaning lion, traditionally a Latin name
  • Luis: “renowned warrior”
  • Manolito: “God is with us”
  • Mateo: “God’s gift”
  • Miguel: “like the Lord”
  • Moises: Puerto Rican version of “Moses”
  • Naftali: a variant of the Biblical name Naphtali, one of Jacob’s sons
  • Osvaldo: variant of the name Oswald, which means “God rule”
  • Raleigh: “from the deer meadow”
  • Santaigo: Spanish for St. James, the son of Zebedee in the Bible

Funny Spanish Dog Names

Funny dog names are quite popular, and there are a number of funnier options in the Spanish language. Here are some of our favorites: 

  • Alfrendo: “elf”
  • Arco Iris: “rainbow”
  • Babieca: “a simpleton”
  • Belen: “house of bread”
  • Besos: “kiss”
  • Blas: “talks with a lisp”
  • Bravas: “fried potatoes”
  • Chorizo: “sausage”
  • Claudio: “lame”
  • Clavileno: “wooden-pin”
  • Croquetas: “fried food rolls”
  • Descarado: “feisty”
  • Dinero: “money”
  • Dionisio: “follower of Dionysos”, who is the Greek god of intoxication
  • Domitila: “tame one”
  • Eufemia: “well I speak”
  • Grande: “big”
  • Guadalupe: “river of the wolf”
  • Jamon: “ham”
  • Loco: “crazy”
  • Maresol: “rebellious” and “sun”
  • Maximiano: “the greatest”
  • Maximo: “the greatest”
  • Octavio: “the eighth”
  • Paella: rice with seafood
  • Pisto: “ratatouille”
  • Porfirio: “purple”
  • Primo: “first”
  • Priscila: “ancient”
  • Roque: “sleep”
  • Ruben: “behold!”
  • Sabas: “old man”
  • Tacito: “silent”
  • Torpe: “clumsy”
  • Uno: “one”; alternately, you could name them after any Spanish number
  • Vasco: “crow”

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Hispanic Dog Names

Want something a little more South American Spanish instead of European Spanish? Try some of these names:

  • Azucena: “madonna lily”
  • Bernardita: “bold as a bear”
  • Blanca: “white”
  • Bonita: “pretty”
  • Candelaria: “candle”
  • Caridad: “dear”
  • Carmen: “song”
  • Catherina: “pure”
  • Clarisa: “fame”
  • Corazon: “heart”
  • Debora: “bee”
  • Dolores: “sorrows”
  • Doncia: “sweet”
  • Eduarda:  “guardian of prosperity”
  • Esmerelda: “emerald”
  • Estela: “star”
  • Evita: “life”
  • Felipa: “lover of horses”
  • Idoya: “pond”
  • Ivette: “yew tree”
  • Leocadia: “bright, clear light”
  • Lucinda: “light”
  • Lucio: “light”
  • Lupe: “wolf”
  • Luz: “light”
  • Melania: “dark, black”
  • Merlin: “sea fort”
  • Neva: “snow”
  • Oscar: “god spear”
  • Paloma: “dove”
  • Pastor: “shepherd”
  • Paulino: “small”
  • Pedro: “rock”
  • Perla: “pearl”
  • Petrona: “stone”
  • Pino: “pine tree”
  • Placido: “calm”
  • Reina: “queen”
  • Remigio: “oarsman”; a fitting name for a water-loving dog
  • Requel: “ewe”
  • Reynaldo: “wise ruler”
  • Rocio: “dew
  • Rodolfo: “famous wolf”
  • Rogerio: “famous spear”
  • Rosario: “rosary”
  • Rosita: “rose”
  • Rufino: “red hair”
  • Ruperto: “bright fame”
  • Sarita: Spanish version of Sarah
  • Severo: “stern”
  • Sofronio: “self-controlled”
  • Sol: “sun”
  • Sosimo: “survivor”
  • Susanita: “lily”
  • Teobaldo: “people-bold”
  • Valerio: strong”
  • Vinicio: “vine”

Which Name is Your Favorite?

Now that you’ve made it to the bottom of our ultimate Spanish dog name list, it is time to select a name for your pooch. Feel free to take as long as you need. Perhaps even consider writing down a few of your top picks and spending a couple of days deciding which one fits your dog the most. 

Remember that you and everyone else in your household will need to pronounce the name you choose. If you have children and do not typically speak Spanish, this can be somewhat difficult. Keep your family’s verbal skills in mind when selecting a name. 

The name should also be unique from any commands you’re planning on teaching your canine. This should not be a problem with any Spanish names if you’re using English commands, but it can create problems if you’re using Spanish commands as well. 

In the end, the most important factor in choosing a name is whether or not you like it. Choose a name that calls to you!

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